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Afternoon Lull

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It is nearly the end of the day, and I have done a patchwork of things this Saturday. A late afternoon cup of coffee is a welcome excuse to assess whether or or not I have used my allotted time wisely.

While I didn’t exactly save civilization, I can look back on the day with some satisfaction for the following accomplishments:

I took a walk. My daily walk has been as habit of great benefit to me for some time years now. Besides the obvious physical benefits, my mental health has improved vastly since I took time to take to the outdoors with regularity.

I had several deep and stimulating conversations with persons in their twenties. I can’t tell you how gratifying this is to a woman in her seasoned sixties. When you get there, you’ll know. If you’re there, no explanation is needed. One side note: conversing with twenty-somethings will not always give you warm fuzzies, as they will often challenge you. It’s invigorating, in my view.

I called to check up with my mother, who is herself an invigorating conversationalist, at a ripe but robust 89 years old. A trip up or down the generational relationship ladder is healthy for us all.

I spent a smaller than expected time on a work project. Truth be told, I got extremely sleepy sitting at the computer, and let myself lie down for a short nap.

I worked on a new visual look for my blog, being inspired by another blogger’s site. Said blogger had liked one of my posts, giving her special influence.

I also took a short shopping trip with aforementioned twenty-somethings. Spent $1.08. No guilt there.

I interacted with fellow twitterites, bandying about some new ideas to make twitter a better place.

I entertained a neighbor’s highly comedic yet tragic story, all too familiar these days, of the malfunction of his newer refrigerator. His frustration culminated in a several hours long multi-level phone call (showcasing abominable customer service) which was terminated mid-solution when the call dropped. Meanwhile, two steaks they couldn’t eat up while eating for the company to figure out how and when they will resolve it are now mine. I have great neighbors.

A couple meals and clean-up punctuated my day as well. These count as work and play, don’t you think?

I lead a relatively quiet life. I live in a smallish town and have few constraints, other than my regular job as a piano teacher, on my time. I’m extremely blessed, and fully aware of it.

Talking, listening, working, eating, cleaning, shopping, sleeping. These are all common activities. Likely you engage in them daily as well. As for now, my relationships are peaceful. I’m grateful.

There is one more activity that threaded its way through my day. I have committed to pray multiple times a day for the country, our leaders and all those embroiled in the unusually complex upheaval of a civilization. Currently, it is not my task to be present in the middle of the turmoil we see unfolding on our many screens. I’m not a grand leader of a movement. I’m one person, lifting a singular voice to heaven for peace on earth, goodwill to men.  I cannot do much, but this I resolve to do.

Its been a good day.







Artistic specialist, wonderer, idea maven, mom of four, and two more. Words and notes are my media of choice.

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