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3 Wishes You Shouldn’t Make

1) I wish I was someone else.

Embody yourself. It is a great treasure and the most precious physical and spiritual thing you own. Learn your strengths and weaknesses, and don’t throw yourself away on the altar of wising to be another person.

2) I wish I was somewhere else.

Live now, the moment in time you have been given to the fullest. You do not own the future and the past is now beyond your grasp. There are vast blessings here right where you are. You will only see them when you are looking for them.

3) I wish I could change my spouse.

Really? Do you trust yourself to construct another human being in your great wisdom? The wisdom that has made you perfect already? Well take heart, as we all wish it sometimes, and you can be sure it is reciprocal!

My father used to say, “Don’t wish your life away.” He would frequently say this when I would long for a special day to come. He was wise, though I did not know it at the time. Please understand that I am writing this first for my own instruction. Indulge me with an alternate wish?

I wish you wise.


Artistic specialist, wonderer, idea maven, mom of four, and two more. Words and notes are my media of choice.

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