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Motherhood and School

Mothers and women everywhere have a spirit about them. Each one is unique and yet unmistakably feminine. Now you will likely conjure up something in your mind that may be negative around the very word ‘feminine’. Sadly, it has been ruined by a certain politically, power-motivated energy.

The spirit of the feminine is by nature mysterious. Rather than live with this as a beautiful thing, we often galvanize an army to dress it as we wish in order to dispense with uncertainty. In periods of history an aspect of being has been rejected by society to put forth a characteristic of women that is the current rage. Usually this centers on the body image or some aspect of personality, or life choice. There emerges a sort of ‘ideal woman’. I was nearly traumatized, for example, when my generation held up ‘Twiggy’ as the ultimate woman. My doughy physique could never achieve her matchstick thinness. Was I therefore not a valid woman? It has been fashionable since then to ridicule, or to organize an offensive around the woman who aspires to raising children without a viable ‘career’.

Do you see how brainwashed we are by everything we have heard and read? For a moment put that aside. Now just think of the women you have known. Let them guide your vision of the feminine. Can you stereotype them? I know I can’t. They are as varied and nuanced as fine jewels. As they were meant to be. Could it be that the best guide to being ourselves is not what society says, but what our experience and our own heart shows us?

The way that you mother your children may not be like your neighbor, your sister or even your own mother. You may take elements, ideas and bring memories and dreams with you but what you bring that stands apart is…you.

Use that idea to guide you. Each child is also unique. They will not be cookie cutters of the neighbors (nor would you want them to be).

Last post we left off at the toddler stage. Now your child is preparing to go into formal education of some kind. The decisions get more complex. Public school, private, or homeschool, or maybe a collage of all of these. What to do? It is your responsibility to choose. You may follow a majority or a minority. What you choose for your children is a reflection of who you are and who you know they are. There will likely be mom-guilt as you go along. I’ve experienced it while making all three of the above choices, agonizing over whether the other form of education was not the better one.

In the end, you make the choice with the information you have and leave the rest to God. Goodness knows you can do no better. You are mortal. But the part of you which aspires to make the best choice is Divine. Trust it.


Artistic specialist, wonderer, idea maven, mom of four, and two more. Words and notes are my media of choice.

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