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Focus Matters

Where are you looking?

What do you see?

It’s pretty obvious isn’t it? There’s an elephant in the room we can’t seem to get rid of.

What hope do we have of removing it? Because there’s always hope. It runs like a silver thread through everything, history, your life, every good story ever told. Hope springs eternal in the human breast. -Alexander Pope

Some see hope in immunity, some in quarantine, some in vaccines, medicines. But everyone harbors a feeling of hope. Maybe thin, maybe small, maybe almost non-existent, but it’s there. At the very least you’re hoping for lunch. See?

Where you see and place your hope matters. Because hope is the thing that keeps everything moving forward. Hope is the potential of the future.

For hope to bring about its most transformative work we must pin our hope on the most knowledgeable, the most loving, the most powerful, the highest bidder. That’s what all these ‘expert wars’ are. We are trying to claim hope of the highest order, clamoring for the supreme spot, the most comprehensive view, the vista from which everything can be seen. It’s ‘king-of-the-mountain’ all over again. That’s why we so easily dismiss arguments that don’t fit our view. We are focusing on the ultimate answer.

We are searching for God. To be him, to get at him, to have his authority and power–to save things. This I believe is part of what it means to be made in his image.

If, in the middle of what is arguably the deepest tragedy the world has faced in this new century we can honestly admit that our ultimate search is for God, that he is not dead but rather the center of our consciousness, the essence of our being, then our hope will have truly saved the world.

Perhaps that’s the real elephant in the room.


Artistic specialist, wonderer, idea maven, mom of four, and two more. Words and notes are my media of choice.

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