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The Ultimate Conspiracy Theory and How to Break It


There are two main theories floating around about the nature of our global problem.

One is the most obvious.

1) There is a nasty virus that threatens to take many lives. It has done so, and obviously is a real threat, so perhaps should not be seen as a theory as such. But those who queue up here see the virus as the ultimate or ruling threat.

2) Powerful people in general (and there are many names floated about) are using the pandemic to cater to their evil plans for domination over others, both to ‘help’ and to ‘hinder’ the problem.

To sum it up it’s either the disease or the people mishandling it. I have been guilty of fearing both, and you may have read posts from me suggesting so. To be clear there is likely existential threat of both. That is why we are all verbalizing it.

Why do people attach to a certain conspiracy theory? I believe after consulting my own heart that it is an attempt to rally help, reinforcement against a common perceived enemy. We are scared, we know we need help and when someone echoes our fears they seem safe because they understand–they will help us in the fight. Those who don’t agree become our common enemy.

But we’re searching for the wrong dragon, barking up the wrong tree. The enemy is nearer than we suppose. It is within us. It is not ‘out there’ in the sense that we think it is.

The enemy is fear. And she/he is sly. For fear can take a feminine-like nurturing form or a masculine-like aggressive form. I speak in metaphor. Hear me out.

I believe that it can be argued that God himself is in control of every threat to humanity. That he watches over it like a Father or Mother watches a child. That just as our children experience struggles in growth whose purpose they cannot fathom, we are his children and cannot always see his purpose. That even a worldwide virus helps us learn things that we need to know for our continued existence. Is not the whole world displaying this is living color? We all want a solution that saves humanity. We all seek a saving ‘Someone’ or ‘Something’ from the Enemy that spreads a conspiracy of fear. 

History has shown that those who are controlled by worry and fear are not helpers. Maybe Franklin D Rosevelt was half right when he said, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself,” for more fear is no answer. Rather than serve it, we can make it serve us, wielding it in wisdom. I believe Jesus’ words, ‘Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world,” really mean what they say. It is in putting our hope in His words, in Him, in the power of overcoming itself, that enables us to truly help. And boy do we need helpers!

In order to lead with hope we cannot afford to be driven by fear. Unbridled fear is not sustainable. It can initiate action but soon wears itself out like a machine without oil. To sustain life on earth we need hope. I suggest the following sustainable actions.

Keep close tab on your emotions. Own them, be truthful about them without spending significant time spiraling into imaginary scenes that dig you deeper in fear. Use your mind to imagine things in the direction of hope. Speak hopeful, truthful thoughts. This is no wimpy task. Try only allowing truthful positive thoughts and words for even one hour and see how far you get! Only what is imagined can be done. One more thought about emotions. Appropriately there is a global mourning about the death toll, not to mention the toll on personal liberty and prosperity. Let yourself mourn, and in your mourning continue to do good to yourself and others. This will help redeem the loss, speed the healing process. Spring demonstrates this. Remind yourself: it is Spring!

Remember your body. Keep close tabs on it too. Don’t fill it with junk food or junk activities. Do things in the direction of health and goodness. How you use your body matters and can help govern your mind. Breathe deeply, stand up as if you are a powerful sentient being who can help things. You are. Refuse to focus on your limitations. Everyone has them. Get exercise and sunshine whenever possible. It is health to body and soul. Insist on reasonable boundaries with those you come in contact with, especially family members. The whole idea of social distancing is to protect. Protect is a very parent like concept. Embrace it. It is needed now more than ever.

Lest you feel I am preaching or scolding I’m writing first of all to remind and record things for myself. I am the first in line to take this medicine. Let’s move in the direction of healing.

Join me?


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