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Mood: Optional

I wake up every morning in a slightly different mood. Many things affect our mood, as Dickens wrote in A Christmas Carol they may be affected by so trivial a thing as a ‘fragment of an underdone potato’ and its effects on our digestion.

This morning’s mood? Fearless!

Now it is true that I have absolutely no idea how the day will go. Neither do you. Yet we have a rough idea. Based on my circumstances I can guesstimate.

I will not be congregating with my fellow believers in a large sanctuary, instead I have plans to enter a web experience with a large group and then a small group via computer screen instead.

I will hear of death and sickness today. It’s rather unavoidable as the 24/7 news cycle force feeds drama and trauma and rarely the breath of fresh hope, no matter the state of the world. And right now is not optimal.

But something in my dreams has whispered courage and hope and on the strength of my mood I venture forth. You will have days like this too. We all ride the waves.

It occurred to me in my introspection that I trust a God who is NEVER afraid. Not even a tinge of worry, a second of fretting or a fleeting anxious thought. How wonderful! Not that he always imparts this to me. If that were the case he would not have inserted, “Do not fear”, 365 times in the Bible.

But for this morning, I have an oasis and I am grateful.


Artistic specialist, wonderer, idea maven, mom of four, and two more. Words and notes are my media of choice.

2 thoughts on “Mood: Optional

  1. I think for God to “impart” something to me would take away my free will. He instructs me and I decide whether or not to take obedient action.


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