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I Survived Homeschooling (and so did my kids) 7 Tips for Sanity

Day one of school at home? I offer my humble thoughts to you as an imperfect mom who got four daughters through school with varying levels of University or College.

#1 Your house will be the hub of everything, and it will not keep itself clean and neat. In fact, it may drive you crazy. Don’t despair. A certain amount of chaos is normal. Don’t fret over that. Accept it. You are a workshop in education. Workshops are messy.

#2 Each of your children, should you have more than one to supervise, are different, unique. What works for one may not work for another. This does not signal failure, just a new learning opportunity. You can get to know your kids weaknesses and strengths. What a hidden blessing!

#3 You don’t know everything. Hint: neither did their ‘teachers’. There is no educator who knows everything there is to teach, and you do have your own areas of expertise and strength. Find them, own them and use them.

#4 It will feel, often, as if you are drowning. You will not, but the feeling will subside, and you will also have feelings of great satisfaction. Wait it out.

#5 Take breaks, set as regular a schedule as you can and build in fun stuff. Kids learn while having fun. You can too.

#6 There is no shame in learning along with your students. in fact I consider homeschooling to be pretty cool method of re-education for adults.

#7 I did not homeschool during a pandemic but I did school through 9-11. Don’t allow a steady diet of news to infect yourself or your kids. Inform yourself enough to keep safe and quarantine your family from extreme fear-mongering. No one ever thought we would look back someday and say, ‘Remember 9-11?’ As if it was not forefront in our minds. This too shall pass. We will be better for it.

Please feel free to comment with your own observations!!


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