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Speaking More Truth

The Lord reigns, let the nations tremble.

Do you see the nations trembling over a microscopic virus?

It is not so much the virus itself as the realization that for all our advances, we are still not immortal or immune to death. We can be chased by something we cannot see.

We are finite. There are things we cannot control. We have limitations.

It can bring a person to the edge of panic.

Or faith.

Look to the healers. Look to the helpers. They are all around. They point up to where power and knowledge, mercy and truth reside. They point to God.

Look to the One who knows all. Why has he not protected us from this? you may ask.

This is the beginning of the acknowledgment of God. A first step, though fear and anger may accompany it. It is a realization that something outside us holds the course of events in play.

The next step would be humility, to see the obvious position this places us in.

And finally, faith. Trust. Worship.

Any other reaction leads to a very dark place. A place outside God. Separated from him. And believe me, closer to the One who knows all is where you want to be right now.

The Lord reigns. Let the nations tremble.


Artistic specialist, wonderer, idea maven, mom of four, and two more. Words and notes are my media of choice.

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