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Speaking Truth: May I Elaborate?


In my previous post, Speaking Truth I didn’t so much speak truth as outline the importance of making space for people to speak the truth. I did warn that it was a set-up. In this post I’d like to say a few things that may be uncomfortable. 

Just writing that last sentence was uncomfortable for me. Let’s soldier on anyway.

I am a Christ follower. Not a perfect one, but an earnest one. This may separate me into a category of people you would rather not hear from. I understand. A defining statement of faith is just that. Defining. Of course you have a right to move on if you like. No hard feelings. 

If you’re still with me, this means that I believe that there is a God of the universe, who created it and cares about what happens to his creation, and stepped into it to save it when things went sour. As you may have noticed, the saving is far from complete, but I believe it has begun. The ideas that follow stem from this core idea.

I also believe that much may be learned about who this Supreme Being is and what he does from the Holy Scriptures, which I regard as sacred and living. I read them daily and attempt to formulate my life according to their teachings. I fail often. My aim, however is not so much to be perfect as to keep my eye on the highest goal, to please God. I believe we please him through faith, and that faith prompts us to act as if he is always watching. When I mess up, I tell the truth about it to myself and to God and others if they are involved. This doesn’t make everything right but without it, there is not much sense in going on. Telling the truth about what I’ve done is pretty important. I’ll miss things. I know that. But still, I must keep trying. 

My life is finite, limited. I have a small sphere of influence. The scope of my influence is not very important, though in this age of celebrity it feels like it is. What really matters is the nature of the relationships closest to me. If they are not solid, no amount of money, prestige, or fame will make my life meaningful or successful. So for that reason my main job is to treat those I see everyday with respect, dignity and love. For me that is my husband, four daughters, two sons-in-law and my mother for starters. 

The foundation for this is the love of God. In an infinite number of ways, he has demonstrated his love for the world, but the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ was the ultimate act of love and redemption. He is the example for us all. 

Now, I believe he was an actual historical figure, but in 2020 he’s invisible, and I’ve never seen him. That poses a problem for the rational modern, doesn’t it? This is where faith comes in. When Jesus was on earth said, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe,” so he knew we would stumble over this. I believe he is both physically real and metaphorically true. In the same way I believe there is love not because I’ve touched it,  but because something in me just knows it exists daily because I’ve experienced the effects of it.  

I believe the negative aspects of our society could benefit from a healthy dose of belief in God and his love for each one of us. 

If you are wondering about this whole thing, I encourage you to get a Bible and start reading it. The first book, about the creation, or the book of John and the life of Jesus. are good starting points. You can access the Bible online so don’t let not having a copy of the Bible stop you. It’s a big book, so don’t try to read too much, just pick a little bit at a time. Also, talk to God and ask him to show you the truth about him. What have you got to lose, really? I’d love to hear your feedback on this post!




Artistic specialist, wonderer, idea maven, mom of four, and two more. Words and notes are my media of choice.

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