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Christianity for People Who Aren’t Christians: A Review

James Emery White, the founding pastor of a thriving American megachurch has done his homework.

While I found this book to be chock full of great thoughts about the average person’s questions about and objections to the Christian faith, I have to say that it may not be aptly worded for the non-theologically minded. Rather, it is for serious scholars. Dense and deep, it includes compelling arguments for the seeker who raises all the typical objections to faith in Jesus Christ.

White explores such questions as ‘Did Jesus really rise from the dead?’, ‘What is grace?’, ‘How can a person believe the Bible’s account of creation and science’s theory of evolution?’, Why are the two testaments, old and new, so different?’ and ‘Doesn’t the church reject the LBGTQ community?’.

He really doesn’t flinch from the hard questions, and for this I applaud him. His arguments lean heavily on the quotes and writings of CS Lewis, who has been called the premier apologist of the last century. But I am already a convinced follower. It would take a serious non-believer to assess whether or not the book is successful. Wrapping up with the traditional evangelical sinner’s prayer, White fully believes he’s got a fighting chance at convincing his reader.

Read it for yourself. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I received a copy of this book in return for my honest opinion.


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