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On Apps, Sleep, Eating and Other Human Foibles

I’ve been using several apps to ‘track’ my life. One is a sleep app called Sleep Cycle which senses movement to give you a score of up to 100% on your sleep quality.

This morning the app announced I had enjoyed a 94% sleep quality! I rarely get that score, usually logging in at an average of 80%.

To be honest, I tossed and turned all night, awakening twice to imagined loud noises. One was the slamming of a downstairs door (which I checked later was firmly closed) and one was a dream in which I sustained a car crash impact and sent me immediately into conscious awakening.

After falling asleep again I awakened to the sensation of four furry paws jumping into my bed, this time a real event, as the cat had apparently been left in the house and was announcing her presence at 2 am.

I tiredly took her out still awaiting my husband’s return from his often nocturnal job as a professional driver for Uber, Lyft and Door Dash. He returned after 2.

I’ve slept better with a newborn.

On another app, MyFitnessPal, I’ve been tracking my food intake, weight and on another app, MapMyFitness, my exercise for several months. After feasting on nearly everything in sight (this is no exaggeration) on Christmas Day and then moderating the days after, I’d managed to veer up a few pounds then back down to my pre-marriage weight, which I’d finally achieved after months of painstaking care.


One has to wonder, can we trust these new-fangled apps?

More to the point, can I trust my scale?

For a touchy feely person I’ve grown quite fond of charts and such. Numbers don’t usually lie.

Unless you’re lying down, apparently.


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