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Why We Need Halloween

I’m a Halloween fan. I think children (and adults if you push me to the point) need a night of scary things.

Isn’t the world scary enough? you might ask.

It is precisely because the world is a frightening place that we need a night to pretend we are something more powerful than we seem to be everyday.

I’m not advocating violence or the very real occult and its horrors. But the empowerment that comes from facing dragons, witches, werewolves and goblins by taking on their outward appearance is a way of saying, ‘We know you exist and we can take you on.’

If real people are not just pretending when they don a scary demeanor then Halloween becomes something entirely different. It becomes an intent for evil. But I don’t think that’s what we mean when we trick our houses out to look as if we will do dark deeds. I think we are facing the darkness with all we are, coming at it with equal fervor. Calling it out, if you will.

I know the naysayers would rather make it mild and comical and I have to say I like that element too.

But give me a sheet and I’ll give a real ghost a run for his money. Whoever says there’s no such things as ghosts is a disappointment to me. A shiver or two makes life exciting, don’t you think?


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