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Falling Again?

Ten years ago we were in an ongoing financial crisis. I couldn’t see the end. There were times I didn’t have the gas money to put gas in the empty gas tank to get to the bank to deposit a check.

This autumn that memory seems far away.

Some prognosticators spell gloom in the future on Wall Street. Whether they are right or not matters little. What matters is that you have an anchor in the storm. A supply house of tools to weather it.

The wheel of fortune is always moving. Health and wealth are fleeting. But God’s hand is always steady and sure. Oh it doesn’t feel like it. This is something you can’t begin to know until you’ve been through a storm or two. And make no mistake, I get knocked off my pins just like the rest of you.

But just as sure as Fall comes every October there will also be a Spring come April. God is as faithful as the seasons, as sunset and sunrise.

Hang on. Don’t lose hope. Keep the faith.

Be an encourager. You will nurture your own soul as you nurture others.

As Americans, as Christians we’ve a sacred honor to stick together. Let’s refrain from biting and devouring. Insist on civil discourse, on the worth of the individual, on the value of a society built on liberty and self-governance.

Wealth and health can be taken away. Honor? Never. Let’s hope if or when the time comes we will rise to it.


Artistic specialist, wonderer, idea maven, mom of four, and two more. Words and notes are my media of choice.

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