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Austin Coffee Crafters: A Review

There’s a new coffee shop in town. Well in Ripon, that is. You can find it on a drive north from Modesto over the river via the new bridge spanning the Tuolumne, Stanislaus county orchard country at its finest.

As fate would have it, I discovered it before I found out that the owner, Alexus Kearney is a former piano student of mine!As a bonus surprise I discovered that I knew one of the baristas as well.

It’s hard to compare it to anything I’ve seen in Modesto. Austin’s Coffee Crafter’s upscale clean lines make you feel as if you’re in a major city when in fact you’re in rural farm country in Stanislaus county.

A longtime friend and I visited the new spot on a clear sunny Saturday morning in late September. Muted-tone pumpkins occupied counters and corners.

Fresh beakers of dried tea for sample-sniffing lined the checkout counter.

Baked goods displayed in a tall glass case are all made by my student’s mother.

Free form bread boards hang on a wall and are used in leui of plates or trays.The menu, built on a school theme, includes breakfast and lunch sandwiches as well as ice cream treats and a yogurt bowl. Gluten free is available. The coffee which comes from Counter Culture, a pioneer in quality and sustainability, is wonderful! And yes, they do those artful frothy pictures on top.

For a change of pace and a refreshing new hang-out, try Austin’s Coffee Crafters. You won’t be disappointed.

I’m writing this from my local starbucks, and not gonna lie, I wish Austin’s was on my commute this morning. Alas, I’m headed in the opposite direction. Is there a second site in Austin’s future?


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