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Happy October

I love the promise of a new season, a new month, a new day! We have so many opportunities to begin again. We fail often, and starting over is an almost magical transformative mindset.

In what areas do you need to start over? Is it your negative thought cycle? Your undisciplined diet? Need a relationship re-set? A new tackling of those unfinished projects? Whatever you need to work on, you can be sure that something inside you is making the list, quietly or loudly. Listen to it.

It is never too late to start over. I should know. I’ve done it many times.

Helpful hints:

Don’t let yesterday derail you from today. Yesterday is gone. Learn from it. Use it as the mulch in your garden.

Write down your thoughts, your plans.

Declare them (predictive text first typed declaw–well yes, this is what speaking out loud does–it declaws the objections). Tell someone who will encourage you.

Listen to many positive voices. Find a motivational speaker on YouTube and binge away. You need to flood your being with motivation. Don’t allow creative ‘awfulizing’ about the future. Tomorrow has not come yet.

Read ancient scripture. I recommend the Bible. Start in Proverbs if you’re new to it. There are nuggets of age-old wisdom. Find a phrase that resonates and cling to it. Countless people before you have done this. You are not alone.

Practice gratitude for anything you can find. If you don’t see anything, you’re not really looking. Look some more. There are mercies all around you. You do truly own today, and all it gives you. It is a gift. Hold it in awe.

If you fail (not if but when, actually) get up again. Redouble your efforts. The only failure that counts is the failure you never turn into starting again. Hope is always there. Find it.

My mother has quoted Alexander Pope’s, “Hope springs eternal in the human breast,” for decades.

I believe it.

You can too.


Artistic specialist, wonderer, idea maven, mom of four, and two more. Words and notes are my media of choice.

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