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A Fatherless World

Fatherhood is at an all-time low. I should explain. I don’t mean that there are not enough fathers for every child. Obviously there are, even though they may not be exercising their fatherly rights and responsibilities. What I mean is in the heavenly sense.

The concept of a Heavenly Father is sadly slipping from our consciousness. Blame it on the collapse of the traditional family or the identitarians if you will. Slice it as you wish, a home without a loving father is a bleak thing. And this is the world we are inhabiting.

Put more plainly, we are our own fathers. We have no need of correction or protection, because we have insisted that the walls be broken down, the mores be erased. We will write our own rules, thank you. The old ones are too restrictive, too confining, yesterday’s news.

And yet, around us we see evidence of an ethical decay that threatens to reduce us to animal instinct. Indeed we have declared we are nothing but enhanced animals. Give us no invisible Heavenly Father, we cry. We are rank materialists screaming at each other over ‘the stuff’ of earth. The environment, our money, our government, our rights. And while we’re at it could someone get rid of all these pesky babies who cramp our style? All the while we do not see that it is because of our Heavenly Father that we have any of these.

We are in the freedom of our rebellion.

When we reach the pigpen, he will be waiting for us.


Artistic specialist, wonderer, idea maven, mom of four, and two more. Words and notes are my media of choice.

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