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J Street Gem

There’s a little gem that’s opened up on J street in Modesto. It’s called The Dragonfly Art for Life. Part art gallery, part art studio, you can rest assured there’s nothing stuffy about it. That’s not to say that it doesn’t house extraordinary talent, because it does. First in the person of the owner and curator, Barbara Asher, whose passion and talent fill the spacious front room with beauty.  This sketch is a gift done by Barbara for a business partner.


Second in the student’s work which graces every wall, and threatens to take over the place.


Third in the crafting space Make Studio, operated by Lana Wilkerson.


Make Studio is tucked away in a room which serves as a pass-through to the upstairs paint pour studio.


The crafting maven’s space is often the heart of the studio, hosting parties, welcoming parents and other visitors with her comfy living-room vibe.


You’ll find inspiration in every corner. Below, a crisp reminder of fall includes pumpkins, and autumn-themed garlands in an old-fashioned hutch.

Fresh flowers adorn the tables, doubling as inspiration for sketching or just for sheer beauty.


Newly finished canvases lie about drying, free for anyone to ogle. This is art – raw and real.


In nearly every corner, surprises await.


Supplies are displayed, well, artistically.


If you happen to be as intrigued as I am, the Dragonfly Art for Life offers evening hours, open studio for children, memberships, and private parties.


Classes include acrylic, watercolor, air-brush, pencil, charcoal, pastel, mixed media and printmaking.


In addition Make Studio offers memberships for 16 and up, open studio nights and trending home decor classes. There’s enough inspiration for everyone! In addition, the space is utilized for podcasting and there is often live music on the weekends.

Call (209) 916-4489 or visit them on Dragonfly facebook and Dragonfly instagram, Make Studio.



Artistic specialist, wonderer, idea maven, mom of four, and two more. Words and notes are my media of choice.

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