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We headed over to the second day of the new STRAND ACE HARDWARE grand opening this morning at 7 am to get our free buckets and load them up for 20% off. In fact one employee said you can buy anything up to twice the size of the bucket and still get the discount! We did. Lids are free upon request.

This new store has been nothing but accommodating and friendly. It’s a delight to have such a great place to shop.

A few highlights:

Larry helped us with spray paint as if he was our new best friend.

Zach stayed with us in hoses and sprinklers for such a long time I got nervous and thought he’d be urgently needed somewhere else. No, he informed us, they told the employees to feel free to stick with the customer as they go all through the store!

At one point we had three other employees smiling in the aisle giving us info on thermostats.

Lauren, a family friend, told us she got there at 6:30 am and happily greeted us in the nursery.

Bill, serving up lemonade in the garden, was a wealth of information regarding citrus trees.

Nikki assisted us in signing up for the drawings to win a Husqevarna leaf blower or Weber grill.

There was free popcorn on the way out.

If you have experienced anything about customer service lately you know this is something of a stand-out.

I’d say this is the ace-in-the-hole for us.


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