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My Home; America

This is my home. It is familiar and comfortable to me though it has many flaws and there are numerous places that I know need fixing, updating and refreshing. I view it through the critical eyes of love, which means that while I am intimately aware of how short it falls from the ideal home that I have in my mind, I protect and value it above all other places on earth.

I feel the same way about America.

I am proud to be a nationalist, but that does not mean, as many have erroneously extrapolated from the term, that I am an ethno-nationalist. I do not support discrimination of any American or American hopeful on the basis of ethnicity. I simply believe in the nation called America. To be a nationalist does not mean I want only people like me to live here. My great, great grandparents were immigrants who experienced discrimination. I simply believe in the nation called America. The reason I believe in America is deeply imbedded in the ideal world that the American experiment embodies. When I was young, the term ‘melting-pot’ was often used to describe America. I love this term because it implies that many different kinds of people combine and become one. I would love nothing better.

There is no question that we have not yet totally delivered the ideal of freedom for all, nor have we mastered the idea of unity in diversity. In fact, we have violated our own ideals at times. Just like my house, America constantly needs updating, remodeling and refreshing. But she still extends a beautiful promise. Travel around the world and see if you can find another country that comes close to delivering the American Dream. The recent unprecedented deluge of immigrants to our country should be proof of the world’s hunger for what America offers.

I do not support poor treatment of detainees at the border. Let’s remember that those seeking asylum travelled to the border of their own volition. They were not imprisoned by us without their consent. They have the choice to walk the other way, but of course no one blames them for wanting to be included in our beautiful home.

Recently it seems that the ordinary American is forced to accept a loathing of America, and to simultaneously embrace those who disregard and even exploit our laws. It is as if we’re asked to play host, but constantly downgrade the home we’re sharing, and allow violations of our own laws as if they don’t exist. This is not a sustainable strategy.

I am an ordinary American. Everything about me is average, typical, median. I do not represent a radical fringe group. These are my views. I’m glad that I am free to publish them, whatever consequences they may provoke. You may disagree, but if you do, you may share your views, and that is what America is all about. If you disagree, I invite you to civil dialogue.

In my home, that is what makes it work.


Artistic specialist, wonderer, idea maven, mom of four, and two more. Words and notes are my media of choice.

2 thoughts on “My Home; America

  1. Well said but I disagree with one thing. You are not average or typical, you are extraordinary and wonderful! Keep writing.


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