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Slump to Triumph

I just figured out why writing feels like moving through cement. I’m in the wake of an after-production slump.

Though not a broadway hit, it was a smashing success by my own standards, and perhaps in the eyes of my closest family and colleagues.

While trashing myself that I had suspended writing, I had failed to take into account that I was in the middle of staging a musical production that I had co-written for children. Six talented, inspiring students took to the stage, some for the very first time, and did us proud.

I put housecleaning on hold and writing as well, disregarding my previously set publishing goal of #ThreeonThursday in the month of June. I let two weeks slide, but those were the weeks of production. So perhaps my ambition was a bit over-the-top for reality.

And now it’s over. The props and costumes, set and scripts are put away. Photos, videos and memories remain.

I now face the hopeful prospect of an entire month (minus a week for a vacation trip) of writing freedom before my ‘regular’ life schedule swallows time and inspiration into it’s flurry.

This is the ebb and flow of my life. I’m still learning to ride it with grace. Grace to myself first, then to others. I’m convinced we cannot offer to others what we have not first served to ourselves.

The writing community on @twitter has been tremendously supportive. People I have never met and may never meet have offered encouragement and hope.

If you are feeling a slump, perhaps there is a similar cause you can uncover. I suspect much of our emotional under-life is rooted in discoverable events. Give yourself the grace to understand and accept it. This will give you a solid footing for the present. Only then can you move forward.

The future is the only reality we can create. It is still before us. It beckons like a fine meal to be relished. Embrace it.


Artistic specialist, wonderer, idea maven, mom of four, and two more. Words and notes are my media of choice.

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