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Notre Dame; What Remains?

The tragic destruction of Notre Dame Cathedral still lingers in the global consciousness like the smoke from the fire.

I’m a US citizen, not a French woman, nor have I ever been to Paris, so my comments are far removed from the real sense of crippling loss that must beset the population of that most iconic city. I trust I will not be perceived as trite when I share my views.

But it seems clear, now that we are removed from the first shock of grief that what Notre Dame symbolizes cannot ever truly be lost.

When one hears reports of peaceful gatherings and of singing in the streets, a sense of hope remains. This is especially as lately quite the opposite has characterized the news out of Paris.

Although the damage is obvious, the spirit of love, hope and peace that remains emerges triumphant in the middle of it all. A work of art of this magnitude embodies a belief in so much more than itself.

In the words of a saint who ironically may not have aligned exactly with the religious beliefs of Notre Dame’s builders, “The body they may kill. God’s truth abideth still.”

Whether accident, act of man or act of God, some things cannot be destroyed. These are what remain eternal.


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