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What to Do With Jesus: Part 2

That baby raised a fuss in quite a few circles.

Ever since then things have not been the same.

Because of Jesus there is a quiet army of believers who know what it means to trust in a shepherd who laid down his life. They live their lives in sharp contrast to the spiritual forces that tried in vain to make the death of Jesus their ultimate victory. They know that the line between good and evil lies across the middle of their own hearts, and that choosing to follow Jesus transforms their hearts for good. Because of him they can calmly face difficulties and ultimately death, knowing he conquered it. This opens the door to a future yet unseen, but written as a hope in every heart.

They are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses from all ages whose faith and courage inspires their own. The center of that faith is the baby whose coming was recorded and anticipated centuries before.

Let me challenge you to ask any self proclaimed Christ follower you know why and how they do it. If their lives are not transforming into the gentle, truthful, unselfish person of Christ, ask them why not. Who do you think is behind that whisper in your heart that Christ cannot be real if the Christians are not?

I can attest that there is something real about the power of Jesus Christ and that he is knowable to all who seek him. It is not an easy path, because he is a God of mystery, but it is far more meaningful than following your own whims. He will somehow weave your dreams into his plan, and make you better for it.

Is it any wonder that a myriad of angels rejoiced in the sky on the night of his birth? They knew what was up.


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