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What to Do With Jesus?

Much of the world is in a state of rearranging its schedules for the Christmas holiday. Chances are it affects you, my readership, as you either become busier or less busy. Although the machinery that surrounds the holiday is commercial and often crass, there is a germ of meaning that runs far deeper. It all happens to be centered around a baby born over two millennia ago, a baby prophesied about in the ancient Hebrew text of the Bible.

From the time of his birth until the present day, much has changed. Martyrs have died, armies have marched, both heinous atrocity and sacrificial charity have been carried out in his name. Controversy still rages and wars are still being fought over the truth of who and what he was. For whatever you believe, it is not easy to dismiss Jesus Christ. I’ve heard more than one utterance of his name as it passes through clenched teeth in exasperation, and wondered, why that name?

All of us are looking for Christ, looking for a savior in every other person. How do we know this? Because we are constantly disappointed when we don’t see him, and uplifted when we do. Hollywood is banking on the truth that everyone loves a hero.

It is recorded multiple times in the Bible that every knee will one day bow to him. Have you begun to know who he is? He is written in your heart, even if you may not know it yet.

Christ has come, given his life for us, and he is waiting for us to acknowledge him. I’ve heard it said that he is a gentleman and will not force his way. My own relationship with him has been a gradual dawning of his love for me. Perhaps you feel that way too.

This Christmas consider moving towards the Light of the World, Emmanuel, the Son Of God, your Savior, in your heart. I can’t think of a better gift.


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