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Donald Drains the Swamp by Metaxas Delivers

Confession. I bought this book hoping to win big in Eric Metaxas’ giveaway. I didn’t win as I’d hoped, but it turns out the book was worth every penny all on its own. Spoiler alert: skip to the last paragraph if you haven’t read it yet.

The people of America are in big trouble. There are swamp creatures feeding off the republic, more interested in their own welfare than listening to the people. Donald shows up and digs a trench to divert the water away from the swamp. The swamp creatures are not happy, but the people are ecstatic. They ask Donald to be their king. Donald refuses, suggesting he’d rather be someone who listens to the people, not someone exercising power over them. You mean–like a president?–they ask. By highlighting the power of the people, and the true role of a president, the story restores perspective about the historical ideals of America.  Using clever illustrations that suggest certain well-known ‘swamp creatures’, the tongue-in-cheek nature of the book makes its point ‘bigly’. Chuckles abound. The book resonates on many levels, and is appropriate for children, as is any enduring classic.

814LSkkmxXLClever, cute and dead-on, Donald Drains the Swamp illustrates perfectly the stinky money grab of the elitists in Washington and the popular appeal of ‘caveman’ Donald. I highly recommend it. I double-dog dare you to read it even if you don’t agree politically with me.


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