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How? Why? and What Have We Become?

How exactly did we go wrong?

Was it by manufacturing such a thing as a gun in the first place?

Was it by allowing them to be sold?

Was it by adoring books and movies and video games that portray shootings?

Was it by assuming that a public places are safe, and not creating enough safety nets?

Was it cutting the police force so that there aren’t enough officers to protect individuals from harm?

Was it by thinking that we were creating ‘gun free zones’ just by posting the words on a sign?

So many questions. All having to do with the the weapon when it is the choice to pull the trigger that propels a small foreign object to invade another person’s sacred space, strangers in many cases, without their permission.

How long will we sit stunned in disbelief? How long will we turn numb at the news coverage, and even come to expect it, to think it is only a matter of time before it touches us and ours.

Why? When will we ask why? What makes a person want to do this? And don’t tell me there is a sickness that can’t be helped, because that’s a slippery, slimy path and we don’t want to go there. That leads to no solution. And there is always a solution. No solution means problems reign supreme and being is invalidated.

Let’s look instead at the others, those who choose not to violate their fellow citizens. Perhaps the answer lies with them. The millions, billions even, who do not choose to shoot others. Something is keeping them from doing it. What is it? That is what we must study.

Study respect.

Study decency.

Study good.

Study love.

Promote it, feed it, build it up, learn from it.

Good overcomes evil, every time. Every horror story on the news bears this out. You just have to wait for it and the stories come out. The love pours forth, the goodness shows up.

Perhaps now you have realized that this leads us to adopt a moral, even a religious tone. To consider God. Perhaps even the Bible.

But we are enlightened.

We are liberated. We are free from that bondage.

We can do our own thing.

And we are doing it. In spades.

Oh, God, what have we become?

Time to get on our knees.


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