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The blinking cursor heralds my attention. ‘Title’ it says, as if I know. ‘Storming’ I type. I’m still wondering how to explain my version of 2017 thus far. It’s been a year’s worth of life already, hasn’t it? And we’re not even through with February. Division seems the word of the day. It’s storming in America.

If your head is spinning, I can assure you, you are not alone.

Instead of trudging through events and developments we’ve all heard enough of, (if we read one more political post or news article that threatens everything we hold near and dear…) let me tell you how I’ve traversed the last two months. With others. Others that have made my faltering steps firm, my heart warmed, and my mind refreshed. They have been lifesavers.

Who are they?

First on the list are my family members. Number one? My faithful, loving, hard working husband. The one man who ‘gets’ me and still feels perfectly free to be himself. Almost my opposite in personality, he also sees eye to eye with me in so many ways. Every day he wakes up with me and we go to our respective jobs. Every night he comes home and we tell each other how the day went. Some days the report is not so good, some days it’s fantastic. We repeat because together we have decided that good or bad, we do this together.

Then, there are my daughters – four vibrant young women, and a fifth who has come by heart adoption, who have a fierce love for each other even if they sometimes just as fiercely disagree. They remind me that challenging each other is most successful within the context of love and trust. I wouldn’t have it any other way. They provide a steady stream of love and humor to me and to each other.

My mother. She believes in me when no one else could. Despite an unexpected partial loss of sight, she remains the person in my life most likely to see the silver lining in any cloud. And she’s seen clouds.

Last, but vitally important, are my author friends. On any given day, I am most likely reading several books simultaneously, including listening to audio books. Without the courage and wisdom of writers my soul would shrivel and shrink to oblivion. I feel surrounded by a crowd of people who know so much more than I do, people who’ve been through horrendous circumstances, and have survived to lend a helping hand to others through telling their story. I feel privileged (sorry to use a hot button word) to be able to read so extensively for pennies, thanks to my local library and a great reading app.

Take a moment to disengage from the toxic divisive conversation and thank the people in your life who are there. When all is said and done, most of us simply want to live our lives as peacefully as possible. Look into the eyes of the people you meet around your community and remember this.

Peace to you and yours in the middle of the storm.


Artistic specialist, wonderer, idea maven, mom of four, and two more. Words and notes are my media of choice.

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