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The Trouble With Winter

It’s not even real winter, I confess. Just California winter. I apologize in advance to my east coast and midwest friends.img_8204 No, we are not shoveling snow and risking life and limb on ice covered roads. We are not braving sub-zero temperatures just to take out the trash. It’s rainy.

But it is cold. Too cold to leave your coat behind, and too cold to run around barefoot on cement slab floors. It also gets dark very soon. Right about the time I should be doing up the dishes, which is right after we’ve eaten, which seems entirely too late to have had dinner at all. It gives me the feeling that I really only have half days and hostile ones at that.

So consequently, I get less done in winter. How about you?

I suppose in less modern times, people were at peace with that. Especially if there were no electric lights to see through the gloomy ‘aftersun’ of a winter day. There would have been no reason to try and do things that can’t be done without electricity. They wouldn’t even have known all the things they were ‘supposed’ to do with the invention of lights, computers, phones, motorized appliances, etc. But I am hounded every day with the tyranny of the to do list that seems longer than Santa’s gift list.

I have the nagging feeling that I should be DOING something until bedtime. And heaven forbid I should go to bed earlier than usual. Something would be wrong with me.

What if sleep was DOING something?

What if all that deadness on the ground, you know the leaves and stuff, was just the earth renewing itself by just sitting there, by just lying dormant? Oh wait. It is.

So in the evenings I’m going to let the leaves lie, even if my some of my do do list is unfinished. I’m not going to neglect everything but rather I’ll give myself permission to follow my instincts. In all honesty I’ve been doing that anyway, just feeling guilty about it. I’m going dormant for a season. I’ll let you know how it goes on the first day of Spring.


Artistic specialist, wonderer, idea maven, mom of four, and two more. Words and notes are my media of choice.

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