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Overchoice and Underchoice

Have you any idea the sheer number of decisions the modern must make?

At the grocery store alone we face a staggering number of food choices. I’m sure I needn’t enumerate the types and brands of foods available, ranked by price, taste and overall appeal due to either marketing or visual stimuli.

But wait. Do we buy from the local market, the farmer’s market, a big box brand like Costco, or use an online delivery service? Know what? It might be simpler to just eat out.

Nope. There we hit a major snag. From fast food to fine dining, from take out to delivery we are plagued with more choice.

Let’s leave food and talk about electronics, which, after food, constitute the number one necessity of the true modern. A basic computer and a cell phone. Can’t live without ’em, right? Apple or Android, PC or Mac? Is it that simple?

How about cars? Foreign or American made? Four wheel drive? Front wheel drive? Gas or electric? Hybrid? Number of cylinders? (I’m wading into the muddy deep here)  Color?

Our children seem acclimated to a dizzying array of commodities and choices that make the Model T – Wonder bread crowd look, well, simple.

But are they?

Where language is concerned these kids have devised a simple funnel. Where past generations would deliberate over word choice like a vegan in the vegetable aisle, the current crop of communicators put it simply, especially where strong emotion is warranted:


And sometimes in dire straits, in the interest of variety:

“What the ____?!”

Ah. The genius of youth.



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