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Apples To Oranges, If You Will

If, by chance, you happened upon my last blog post, you may have been tainted by a very negative frame of mind in which I blathered on a list of questions asking why certain things were not presently available in my community. Such a thing is, and was very helpful to me personally in bringing to light what I do want, and what could be a possibility in my town.

It is often after we have cleared out the old that we make room for the new. Since then, that clearing of the attic in my brain, I have reflected upon several delightful aspects of life in the central valley and Modesto in particular. These I list as a sort of antidote to my former post.

My community offers:

Delightful weather year round while also being among the most affordable town of its size in all of California. Along with temperatures in the hundreds in the summer, we enjoy the cooling delta breezes most summer nights.

A literal fruit market of choices when it comes to year round fresh produce; fruit and nut orchards and vegetable fields surround the area, whose harvest is available in its fresh-picked state.

Pivotal proximity to several desirable places,


such as Sacramento, San Francisco, Napa, Yosemite, Calaveras Big Trees, Big Sur, and the convenience of driving to Los Angeles within a day’s drive.

Equi-distance to the Pacific ocean and the Sierras; a quick trip is possible in under three hours to either. Our central location translates to flexibility.IMG_0186

A junior college and a state university.

Three towns without high rises, bottleneck traffic or vast inner-city chaos, Turlock, Oakdale and Modesto offer small town charm with plenty of opportunity for private business growth.

No, we are not San Francisco, Carmel, Napa, or even Sebastopol.  But I can go to any of those places and come back home inspired to infuse Modesto with a little of the flavor of those places, all the while knowing that getting down McHenry Avenue or possibly Briggsmore at rush hour is about the biggest traffic jam I’ll encounter, and there will be no annoying tourists to increase the traffic load.

When comparing communities, countries, people or fruit, there is inherently a lack of equity and fairness. In short, one cannot honestly compare apples to oranges.











Artistic specialist, wonderer, idea maven, mom of four, and two more. Words and notes are my media of choice.

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