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Apples to Apples

DSC_5184We took off for the Gravenstein Apple Festival in Sebastopol this weekend. Now Sebastopol is not paradise necessarily, but then again, neither is Modesto. And it’s not the first time I’ve left town and come back scratching my head in wonder. There’s something about leaving town that makes you see your own place with new eyes. And sometimes jealous eyes.

I guess it’s the grass being greener and all. Or, er… browner.

But I wonder why in Modesto:

we don’t have a water park?

we don’t have a quaint downtown?

we don’t have any more antique stores?

we don’t have reliable regular public transportation to a major airport?

we don’t use solar power EVERYWHERE, especially over parking lots to double as shade?

we don’t have any agricultural festivals?

we don’t have a Whole Foods, Old Navy or an Anthropologie?

we can’t get a business started on the corner of 10th and K?

we can’t have city council meetings on weekends?

we’ve changed a LOT of our street names several times along their path?

we can’t entice George Lucas to like us?

we allow section 8 renters to grow marijuana?

we don’t have recycle drop-offs for more than just cvc plastic?

we don’t have a mission for the homeless in every quadrant of town?

we don’t have a library on the north end of town?

we can’t give away produce or bakery products that’llĀ  be tossed anyway?

we spent so much money and time on making a freeway entrance or two look amazing?

we had to open up the street to cars on tenth st plaza?

we can’t think of anything more interesting than X-fest to be known for?

And the final question: What can I DO about it?????






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